Google & Facebook Ads

What is Google Ads?

Are you aware of some buzzwords like PPC (pay per click), paid marketing, Google Ads, CPC, bids? If not, no worries, I will let you know. Google Ads is a paid marketing service provided by Google. Ecommerce businesses use this platform to advertise their product and services on Google search result pages, gmails, YouTube and other websites participated in Google Ads program.

When people see Ads (impressions) and click to land to a particular product or service page, advertisers pay for each clicks (cost per click) for getting visits on their webpage in such way. The whole Google Ads seem to work like an auction where advertisers compete for the top positions of their Ads.

Why Google Ads?
  • Promote your business outside of Google search like other Google products, partner websites and display networks as well.
  • Tweak advertisements anytime to reach specific group of people or promote a product or service.
  • Immediately after creating an advertising campaign, you start getting targeted traffic in minimum time span.
  • Target multiple keywords at a time.
  • You can position your Ads in top faster using certain conditions.
  • No minimum spending limit for Ads, choose and edit your budget anytime you want.
  • You can edit keywords, Ads, Ad Groups, budget anytime and view the changes within minutes.
  • Easy to calculate Returns on Investments and can change your budget accordingly.
Why Choose MageComp for Google Ads Services:

If you are using Google Ads to make your online business visible? Have you wasted a lot of money and still haven’t get desired results? Don’t just do it again and hands it on certified Google Ads professional to get rid of money wastage, make you each penny spend worth and drive qualitative and potential traffic to your website.

Rather than focusing on more spend, we focus on bringing valuable traffic from the spending which drive you real results in no time. From the billions of searches conducted on Google every day, we assure your products reach to potential customers with our efforts and service. Managing ads in a better way needs a lot of experience and expertise, not every business has enough expertise and time for. Till date, we have worked with many companies, from new businesses to large enterprises and driven proven results with 100% success ratio. There is no reason to waste money and time when you can utilize expertise of MageComp to do it for you!

Our Google Ads Services include:
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competitive research
  • Text and image Ads creation
  • Ideas to optimize landing pages
  • PPC cost management
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Ad campaign modification and improvements
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monthly report

Facebook ads management service

Facebook advertising is the most effective marketing technique which has the capability to target the proper audience and assists to generate higher ROI. As a top Facebook marketing company, we assist you to create Facebook ads campaigns and help your business get prompted through Facebook for attracting your end-users.

  • ROI Focused and result-driven Facebook advertising.
  • Increased sales and conversions.
  • Pricing that is suitable for almost all business types.
  • 6+ years of experienced and certified SEO analysts.

What are the benefits of facebook advertising services?

There are various benefits of investing and implementing Facebook ad management services and advertising on Facebook. When you use Facebook advertising services, you will get many benefits:

  • Expert advice from certified digital marketing experts.
  • Competitive and well-defined strategies along with expert guidance.
  • Insightful and thorough competitor knowledge for improving your campaign.
  • Actionable reporting to keep your team informed and improve your strategy.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies for data-backed campaign advancements.

As a reputed Facebook ad services provider, Blinkbee offers effective solutions to provide ultimate messaging to end-audience who are very receptive to it. We always work along with you to know your audiences and come up with the best strategy to connect with those people. Our Facebook digital marketing services help your business to get its ultimate goals for social media. Our digital marketing specialists work closely with you in the process of creating, monitoring, and targeting processes to make sure we meet your business needs. As a reliable Fb marketing partner, we are well-versed with all the techniques on how to advertise effectively on Facebook.