Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is very complex an often misunderstood as it is part science and part art form our staff at marketing hope has more experience in search engine optimization and guerrilla marketing for small businesses than anyone else on the planet. Our founder Mark Hope started marketing for small business electronically before the Internet was invented and has spent 30 years beating the big guys at their own game.
What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization simply means that keywords and descriptions are placed in the coding of a website or similar social media appliance and then the content is matched to the keywords and the descriptions hoping to find itself on a list of people looking for that content. This just gets you ON the list!

As we saw in the video, we did a search for “Auto repair shops in parker Colorado”

Which produced “About 57,100,000 results (0.77 seconds)”
So now we are On The List with our Keywords – Description – Content and Photos of “Auto repair shops in parker Colorado” … No What?
Who decides who is number 1 and who is number 57,100.001? We need to be on page one or headed towards page one if we are doing our job correctly.

The second and most important part of this job that very few talks about Is relevancy. Relevancy is important because that is the key to getting to the page one of Google most of these so called SCO firms can tell you about the keywords in the analytics and a bunch of mumbo jumbo but just ask them how are you going to increase my relevancy to get me to a higher ranking on Google.

So, we are on the list for our key phrase now what?

The more popular your site the higher it climbs on the list; it really is that simple.
How do we do that?
Have the most visitors to your site, the most traffic.
If you or your agency is even looking at this, you are in the top %5 of folks doing this correctly. We have been doing just this for 30 years!
Without giving away any trade secrets rest assured we have a team of bloggers and social media experts that make that happen.